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Why should I use

Because Tenantor.com is not like others. I will try to explanain why to you use it, it is building fully your confort. Let’s dive some features.

In tecnically, we build tenantor.com in a global perspectife, and actualy Tenantor is not a web application only. It’ s a real server based saas services. Our development time is more smaller than the others, because we are using our own development environment.

In business, tenantor is the unique software. Tenantor.com has wide range sectorel based applications and it brings you a lot of ekstra new applications like:

  1. It comes with Portal solution so you can share your tracked data with your property owners and your tenants easly.
  2. It comes with Commission calculation and invoicing application options.
  3. It comes with SMS notifications for free.
  4. It support web services structures you can send or get data easly.

Although Tenantor.com is a new application, it is being more powerful than others. You can consider it will be stronger in the future.

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